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Virtual Assistants In Lincoln Nebraska

Looking for virtual assistants in Lincoln, Nebraska?  Partner with EMD BPO Solutions here in LNK!

When you partner with us, you receive professionally outsourced business services by the hour, without having to provide office space, equipment, training, benefits or vacation time. You don’t even pay for breaks!

Best of all you are able to partner with a local Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) business based right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We have a team of experienced professional BPO virtual assistants based overseas.  All of the work takes place outside of the US so you are not responsible for FICA or unemployment employer contributions.  You are not even required to provide a 1099 to a bpo virtual assistant since the work is outsourced internationally.

If you find yourself bogged down by time-consuming tasks, save time and money by allowing EMD BPO Solutions to handle your outsourcing needs and focus on the things you do best!  Whether you need a single virtual assistant or an entire virtual call center, we have the knowledge and experience to help you streamline your business.

Advantages of Outsourcing Virtual Assistants 

  1. Cost savings: Virtual Assistant Outsourcing or BPO companies can provide services at a lower cost than in-house teams, as they often operate in countries with lower labor costs.

  2. Increased efficiency: BPO companies often have specialized expertise and advanced technology, which can lead to increased efficiency and improved processes.

  3. Flexibility: A BPO virtual assistant can provide services on a flexible basis, such as during specific time periods or to handle spikes in demand.

  4. Improved customer service: Virtual Assistant Outsourcing can provide round-the-clock customer service, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  5. Focus on core business: By outsourcing non-core business activities, companies can focus on their core competencies and goals.

  6. Access to specialized skills: BPO companies often have access to a wide range of specialized skills and expertise, which can be beneficial for companies that do not have those skills in-house.

  7. Scalability: BPO companies can quickly scale up or down to meet the needs of the business, which can be beneficial for companies that experience fluctuations in demand.

  8. Improved data security: BPO companies often have advanced security measures in place to protect sensitive data.

  9. Business continuity: Outsourcing can help provide disaster recovery services, which can help ensure business continuity in the event of an emergency.

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