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3 Advantages of Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

Running your business both smoothly and efficiently is a big challenge, especially if you’re trying to do it all yourself. That’s why many businesses are turning to business process outsourcing (BPO) as an effective solution for managing their day-to-day operations. BPO involves using third-party companies like EMD BPO Solutions to handle specific aspects of your business. Here are the top 3 advantages of Business Process Outsourcing:

Outsourcing business processes is an increasingly popular strategy used by companies of all sizes. Virtual outsourcing improves efficiency, reduces costs, and increases focus on your core operations.  Streamline workloads and gain access to valuable resources without having to hire additional staff members to make your company more efficient and eliminate many costs associated with full-time employees. Costs of benefits packages, unemployment taxes and social security taxes are eliminated with overseas outsourcing.  With the right bpo virtual assistant provider, you will enjoy numerous advantages:  increased productivity, better customer service quality, significant cost savings, and more. 

Reduce Costs With Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing saves your business money when you don’t have to worry about maintaining extra staff members and paying wages that are typically higher than those paid to the outsourced team members. Not only are hourly wages lower, you also eliminate the cost of benefit packages.  For those BPO virtual team members working outside of the US, social security and unemployment tax costs are eliminated as well.

Many of our team members are from The Philippines.  Of these, many are freelancers in Bacolod City  Bacolod, also known as The City of Smiles, is the hometown of our CEO, Era Marie Diaz. She originally launched the company in Bacolod and it remains the center of our operations in The Philippines. 

English is the official second language of The Philippines which means our agents are very comfortable speaking English on a daily basis.   The cost of living is much lower in The Philippines than in most Western countries and this allows us to pay our agents a very competitive wage.  Additionally, BPO lets you access the expertise of experienced professionals without having to hire them for full-time positions.

BPO Virtual Assistants – Quality And Training

When you outsource with us, you can trust that the work will be done in accordance with your expectations and standards. When you use our services you know that you will receive quality services backed by a team of experienced virtual assistants.  Our agents have both the experience and the training to know the ins and outs of your business processes.

Outsourcing business processes is a great way  to ensure that you are providing the best customer service possible. Your day-to-day customer support operations are taken care of by qualified professionals who understand your unique needs and provide top-quality services.

EMD BPO Solutions is a great option for businesses in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia looking for virtual assistant outsourcing services. We are based in Lincoln, Nebraska in the heart of the US, a region becoming known as Silicon Prairie.  We offer a wide range of virtual assistant outsourcing services that will help you cut costs and increase efficiency.  With the right BPO provider, your business will achieve significant cost savings, increased productivity, and improved quality.

Leverage bpo virtual assistant services from EMD BPO Solutions and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined workflow and upgraded customer service without having to hire additional staff members or invest in expensive equipment. By outsourcing certain tasks to BPO VAs, you will enjoy greater efficiency, significant cost savings, improved quality, and more – all while having more time to focus on your core operations. 

With EMDBPO’s virtual call center services, your company will provide quality customer service by taking advantage of business process outsourcing without having to worry about the costs and complexity of managing a physical call center.

Take the first step towards reaping the benefits of outsourcing by and contact us today to schedule a free consultation.saves

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